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Cheap VP Points Valorant


Valorant is a game produced by Riot Games in FPS genre. And it’s in-game currency is called Valorant Point or VP is used to spend in the game. You can purchase Riot Points (Riot Pin) codes above to purchase Valorant epin. These codes are also valid in Valorant game. You do not need to perform a different transaction to purchase VP (Valorant Point). Note, however, that the Riot Points amount will turn into a different number of Valorant Points in the Valorant game. Cheap VP Points Valorant.

There are two in-game currencies in Valorant – Valorant Points (VP) and Radianite Points (RP). The former is used to purchase skins, cosmetics, Agent contracts and Battle Passes. While the latter is a special currency with a sole purpose: to upgrade specific weapon skins, giving them an enhanced their visual style.

VP can only be obtained by purchasing them. While RP can be purchased with VP, or earned throughout the Battle Pass.

Cheap VP Points Valorant

How much do skins cost in Valorant?

The cost of skins in Valorant has become something of a sore point for many in the community, with some feeling that there cost is far too expensive for what you get in return. Of course, what you value a weapon skins at is a decision only each individual can make and we need to remember the ultimately the game is free to play and this is RIot’s monetization strategy. Take away: If you think weapon skins are too expensive, don’t buy them.

However, that is not to say they aren’t expensive – they are. Take for instance the Sovereign Collection, buying the complete collection costs 7,100 VP or approx £65, the bundle contains five skins, two gun buddies, a spray and a player card. VP Points Valorant


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